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    Simulation start time

    Alexis Seguin

      I'm doing a non linear simulation of a shape memory alloy material.


      My loading is tiume dependent, so my simulation times are inportant.


      When I click on my study's properties, my start time is "greyed" at 1.7 seconds, and I can't change it back to 0 second.


      Also, when I do start my simulation, I get an error that the number of iterations is exceeded and it restarts the simulation.


      Anyone have any idea how to solve these problems ?


      Thank you !


        • Re: Simulation start time
          Anthony Botting

          Perhaps the "restart" switch is turned on, which would prevent starting from time =0. The "restart" switch is arguably mis-labeled. It should be something like "resume" or "continue calculation", as in Flow Simulation. To me, "restart" would indicate you want to start over, from the beginning.


          There should be an "advanced"  button in the properties of the study where you can increase the number of iterations until it gives-up. Good luck.