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UNF Custom Thread Type

Question asked by Maxim Teleguz on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by Christopher Staffa

Hi Everybody,


I sent in a drawing to a "Fabricator" to quote, but it got rejected and sent back because my thread wasnt specified. I specified it as UNF Series Thread and gave a basic dimension on the tube.


Now how can i calculate this custom thread type? UNF Standard thread only goes up to 6.000 nominal Diameter?


Does anybody have a custom UNF Thread calculator? Or is there a simple equation that i could use to figure this out?


I searched my Mech. Eng. Handbook, but im not getting results.


I would really appreciate this.


Best Regards,



Please see attached drawing with dimensions.

(i have more drawings but i dont want to share all of it, i could email you personally if you ask)