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    Mirroring a sketch and also a plane ?

    Philippe Carette



      I need to have a copy of a sketch, mirrored with another plane.


      Is there a way to mirror an existing sketch (and also the plane of this sketch) ?

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          Lenny Bucholz

          planes cannot be mirrored #1.


          Plane PropertyManager

          You select geometry and apply constraints to the geometry to define reference planes.

          To display this PropertyManager, click Plane (Reference Geometry toolbar).



          Follow the messages to create a plane and see the plane status. The Message box color, plane color, and PropertyManager messages help guide your selections. The plane status must be Fully defined to create the plane.


          First Reference


          First ReferenceSelect the first reference to define the plane. Based on your selection, other constraint types appear.
          CoincidentCreates a plane that passes through the selected reference.
          ParallelCreates a plane parallel to the selected plane. For example, select a face for one reference and a point for another reference. The software creates a plane that is parallel to the face and coincident to the point.
          PerpendicularCreates a plane perpendicular to the selected reference. For example, select an edge or curve for one reference and a point or vertex for another reference. The plane is created perpendicular to the curve passing through the point. Set origin on curve places the origin of the plane on the curve. When cleared, the origin is placed on the vertex or point.
          ProjectProjects a singular entity such as a point, vertex, origin, or coordinate system onto a non-planar surface.
          TangentCreates a plane tangent to cylindrical, conical, non-cylindrical, and non-planar faces.
          At angleCreates a plane through an edge, axis, or sketch line at an angle to a cylindrical face or plane. You can specify the Number of planes to create .
          Offset distanceCreates a plane parallel to a plane or face, offset by a specified distance. You can specify the Number of planes to create .
          Mid PlaneCreates a mid plane between planar faces, reference planes, and 3D sketch planes. Select Mid Plane for both references.



          you can copy and paste the sketch on the new plane, then use the sketch modify tool from the tools pull down:

          Sketch Tools > Modify Sketch  or look at the help file under

          Sketching > Sketch Tools > Modify Sketch