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    Solidworks is Cutting a larger area than I want

    Sean Wutka

      I basically extruded a rectangle in Solidworks (2011) and wanted to cut out the center portion of it, so it leaves me with two small extruded rectangles at a distance apart from each other.  I know I could have drawn this differently.  My model has been fine for the last couple weeks and while I am editing my drawing today a portion of the model is now cut out, as if I had drawn a rectangle and extruded cut through most of the part.  Help is appreciated. Of course this would happen as I finish up my work. I ended up closing what I was working on without saving and restarted SolidWorks. This seems to have fixed the issue, but why did this happen?

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          Jerry Steiger



          This sounds like one of those occasions when SW gets confused. They seem to occur more often when you have memory management issues on your computer; either working for a long time without shutting the computer down, or working with very large files, or working with a large number of files, all at once or sequentially. Sometimes shutting SW down and restarting fixes them, as in your case. Sometimes you need to log off and back on to your computer. Sometimes you need to reboot your computer. I've seen a few occasions where it seems like problems didn't clear up until I had rebooted twice. (This one doesn't make any sense to me, but much about computers doesn't.)


          Jerry Steiger