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Path Mates

Question asked by John Disher on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

Hello fellow modellers,

I am having some issues while trying to apply path mates to a roll up door I have been modelling.

The door is modelled as a sub assembly.

Each pair of panels are held together with four hinges.

Within the door subassembly I have applied an angle limit mate to each set of mating panels to limit the swing of the door panels.

I have inserted the door subassembly into a top level assembly consisting of two track pieces.

The track subassembly is fixed, and contains an open loop fit spline curve that I want to use as the path for my path mates.

I have added a sketch line on each roller in the door subassembly to use as my vertex for the path mate.

Some times when I try to add the path mates it actually moves the door into the proper position.

Other times it does not move the door at all.

The door subassembly is set as flexible in the top level assembly.

Frequently, once path mates are added to the top level, mates in the subassembly are ignored and the door moves in undesirable directions.

I realize that I have a lot of things hapening all at once with this top level model.

Is it possible to use this open fit spline curve as a path?

Or do I require other guides (as sketches) or is this impossible for Solidworks to calculate?

See attached zip file, top level assembly is CL Door Assy.SLDASM

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appeciated.


John Disher