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    Draft Sight Crashing

    Joseph Lord



      Has anyone had problems with Draftsight crashing every two minuites?


      I am running Windows 7 64bit, which is within the system requirements.


      I like the program, but it is unusable at the moment.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Have you tried a clean uninstall and reinstall of Draftsight with the anti-virus disabled?"


          Considering the "newness" of Draftsight, it is generally an amazingly stable program.

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            Annika Nauheimer

            Hi Joseph,


            I run DraftSight on Win7x64 as well with no issues. What graphic card/ driver are you using? Have you tried updating the driver already? Also as suggested by Kelvin- this might be a most likely a corrupt installation. A reinstall might do the trick

            Let me know how it goes!



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              Joseph Lord



              I am using a NVIDEA Quadro FX 3800M Graphics card.


              I have asked it to search for latest drivers but it says it is up to date.


              I will try to re install it also.

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                Joseph Lord

                I have downloaded from the solidworks website, it states version 1 R1.2

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                    Joseph Lord

                    From what I have tried i think it is a good program, even coming from AutoCAD.


                    I have noticed that it does not save preferences also, which is annoying.


                    I am currently got someone from Draftsight support helping me with things I can do to try and fix it.

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                    Basil Linus

                    I have the same issue using win7 64bit.


                    Updated the nvidia driver this morning, but still no joy.


                    DraftSight crashes at various points, sometimes when opening a file, sometimes while printing, etc.


                    I have searched all over the swym site and can't find anywhere how to report a problem.


                    The "how to report a problem" link isn't any help, since the "report a problem" button doesn't appear on any page that I have found.

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                      Unspecified Unspecified



                      I had the same issue, but have since resolved it. Hopefully this will work for you also since you are using the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M graphics card on a laptop computer. (The 'M' stands for Mobile)


                      Open the Nvidia Control Panel. Start>Control Panel>Nvidia Control Panel.


                      • Select '3D Settings from the left column and select the 'Global Settings' from the right column 
                      • Under 'Global Presets' choose Dassault Systems CATIA - Compatable 
                      • Under 'Preferred Graphics Processor' choose 'High Performance NVIDIA Processor' 
                      • Click 'Apply' 
                      • Click the 'Program Settings' tab 
                      • Next to 'Select a Program to Customize' click 'Add' 
                      • Enter the path to the DraftSight.exe. (ie. C:\Program Files (x86)\Dassault Systemes\DraftSight\bin\DraftSight.exe) 
                      • Under 'Select the Preferred Graphics Processor' choose 'High Performance NVIDIA Processor' 
                      • Click 'Apply'





                      This forces your computer to use the Preset for CATIA and the NVIDIA Graphics card. Otherwise your computer is likely trying to either switch your graphics processor (which causes a crash) or use the wrong graphics processor (which causes a crash also).


                      Please let us all know if this works for you.


                      I am using the NVIDIA Driver ( 10/15/2011) on a Dell Precision M4600 Laptop.

                      Intel i7


                      Win 7 64bit

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                          Jeff Fine

                          Thanks for the detailed description.  I was having the same problems with crashing, and this seems to have fixed the problem (I've only tried opening a couple of files, but it woiuld have already crashed a couple of times before.


                          HP Z800

                          (2) Xeon X5560 processors

                          48 GB RAM

                          Quadro FX 3800 graphics card (driver, 9/21/2013)

                          Draftsight V1R4 x64

                          Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, SP1


                          Jeff Fine


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                          Erik Bilello

                          I use DraftSight at at home on both a PC and a MAC Mini.  It's a bit slow on the Mini sometimes but the latest releases are stable on both.  Here at work it was very unstable until I enabled Aero and also checked "Enable desktop composition" in Performance options.  I don't recall why I decided to try that, and don't know why it worked (my IT guy didn't either and he's pretty sharp), but it solved the problems and on the occasions I need it DraftSight works well now.


                          Enable Desktop comp.PNG