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Animation Wizard - Explode or collapse incorrect part spacing and duration results

Question asked by Steve Kunz on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Dan Anderson

Topic: Motion Studies, Animation Wizard, Explode or Collapse

Assistance is welcomed!

Description of undesired results:


  1. After an exploded view sequence is generated in a SW assembly model a new motion study is created next. When the Animation Wizard menu is selected and I check off either collapse or explode two incorrect and undesired results occur. The first result I notice is that the spacing and or distance between the exploded components increases dramatically a much different result then what was set-up in the models exploded view. The second common result is that whenever you select a custom shorter time duration for the exploded or collapse results in the animation not completing the entire explode or collapse sequence.
  2. Assistance/Help is looked for to enable the desired exploded or collapse part spacing in an Animation Wizard results. If there is a work around or SP that corrects this that would be ideal.
  3. For the Animation Wizard are there setting methods that allow for the explode or collapse to finish in a shorter time frame?

I will appreciate any input, suggestions or tips for the above-

Using SW 2011 SP4 at the time of this topic