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Toolbox new component configuration

Question asked by Badea Claudiu on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2011 by Badea Claudiu

Hello everyone,

I maded a gear with equations, and uith involute profile ecelent, you can all of you use it, but I want to add it to toolbox, and then in an assembly to add it and when I add it I want to appear the next things to modify my equations: Dd, DC, Df, Di, H, Z, b and t2 values.


Thouse are my equations maded in part, I added tis part in toolbox, and then I selected configure.

And from there I added custom configurations (in text mode) and in the value box i added $var:Dd $var:Df and so on.

Then I saved my configurations, and when I inserted the part in assembly I had this:


I inserted my desired values and then pressed OK, but nothing happen, my gear remain the same.

Is there any solution to insert values and modify my equations?

I attached the gear and if somebod can help me, please I need an answer fast.

Thansk everyone.

Have a nice day.