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Read only file on save

Question asked by Ray Luck on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by Eric Stocker



Our VAR suggested we upgrade our EPDM to 2011 SP4 (from SP3) to try and fix file viewing issue.


Since the update, whenever we save a file it is saved and converted to a read only file. What is strange is that I can restart my computer, create a new part file and save it to the desktop and it is still read only. I do not have to login to EPDM and hence the file is not renamed or altered.


I tried uninstalling EPDM from my machine, new part in SW and save - file is fine.


Reinstall EPDM and back to square one - All new files whether in or out of the vault are read only.


I should point out that 'read only' is while the file is open in Solidworks. So if I press save twice, the second time it will prompt me for a new file name (and that file will be read only). If I open the saved file from the desktop or EPDM it is no longer read only in SW.


Anyone had any similar issues with EPDM SP4.0?