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    Massive File Sizes Generated ??

    Aaron Moncur



      I am running a static analysis on a small assembly using SW Premium and I've noticed it's generated nearly 70 study-related files totaling over 22 GB (yes, gigabytes, not megabytes).  Is this normal?  There are several different types of files: .CWR, .LDS, .IDA, .PCO, .LCD.....the list goes on.


      On the same analysis, it's beeing running for almost a day now and has been stuck at 20% "Solving contact constraints" for at least 10 hours.  All of the files were generated within the first 3 or 4 hours of the study, and since then it appears no new files have been created.  This is what the status window looks like (see below). 


      Any suggestions?  Is this behavior normal?  Think it's frozen?

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          Jerry Steiger



          You say it's a small assembly, but you've got almost 2 million DOF, so it certainly isn't a small study.A few years ago that would have been considered a very large problem. It's going to take a long time to run and once you start using swap space it slows down considerably, so it's quite possible that it is still solving. On the other hand, since it has been stuck for 10 hours, I would guess that it is really and truly stuck. I suspect thta you have problems in your contacts. Unfortunately, I have almost no experience with SW Simulation, so I can't be much more helpful.


          Jerry Steiger

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            Dave Laban

            In terms of reducing file size left on disc after the analysis, for a static study the only file you need to keep is the .cwr file.  In my experience everything else can be deleted (apart from the part/assy model obviously!), though I normally keep the .log file as a reference point.


            I recently managed to save over 200Gb on one of our boxes just by getting rid of the other files from static studies (and yes, I checked that I was able to open the results up afterwards!).