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Problem: Mirrored extrusion treated as part of a beam

Question asked by Zachary Morris on Sep 10, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

Good day all,


I am trying to run a simulation on a swingarm I modeled for an SAE Baja car.  The swingarm is made up of two identical weldment tube trusses offset from eachother, and joined by an axle.  The problem I am having pertains to two sets of shock mount tabs that are to be made of plate steel and welded to the outer faces of the truss tubes. 


I modeled the mounting tabs by inserting a plane along the center of one of the truss tubes on which I made the initial tab sketch.  I then made an extruded feature offset from the tube center plane to position the tab on the outer face of the weldment tube profile, penetrating slightly into the tube.  I then mirrored the feature about the tube center plane to make an identical tab on the other side of the tube.  To make an identical pair of tabs on the opposite truss I mirrored the first pair of tabs about the plane of symmetry for the model.


The issue I am having pertains to how Solidworks is grouping the mirrored tabs when I try to run a static simulation.  The mirrored tabs and the weldment tubes they are attached to are treated as one solid body (see attached pictures "1st mirrored tab grouped with weldment tube.PNG" & "Mirrored pair on opposite truss grouped with weldment tube.PNG").  I need each weldment tube to be treated as a beam with the tabs as separate solids.  The first tab I made as an offset extrusion works as it should (see attached picture "Initial extruded tab as separate solid.PNG").  Solidworks treated the tab as its own solid body and the truss weldment tube as a separate beam.  I can define a bond between the tab and the tube, and everything works as it should. 


The mirrored tabs cause problems when I am applying loads and fixtures as Solidworks tries to treat them as a beam.  Is there any way I can separate the mirrored tabs from the tubes?  I suppose I could model each tab as a separate extrusion, but I don't see the reason why the simulation shouldn't work with mirrored features.


Thank you in advance.