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Dispatch help for e-mail notification

Question asked by Ty Toney on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2011 by Joy Garon

I'm having some problems getting the scripting right, in dispatch, to send notifications to the right person. We have a multi-tiered review process with varying reviewers per state, depending on the type of document/drawing and the expertise of the reviewer. On the data card we have added a tab with a list of states and a drop-down of reviewers for each state, this allows us to setup reviewers/editors for each state when we create the card. We also have a field on the card that will display who the current reviewer/editor is based on the current state. I'm trying to use dispatch to take information from the current reviewer field and send that person a notification e-mail, however it's having issues matching to a name. As variables: %Current Reviewer/Editor% as a file card variable and %Person’s Name% as a Value of Environmental Variable-UserProfile. I've tried other variables for the user name with no success (unless you count crashing PDM, hahaha). Here's my script:

Scripting issue.JPG


Any Ideas??