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    Dispatch help for e-mail notification

    Ty Toney

      I'm having some problems getting the scripting right, in dispatch, to send notifications to the right person. We have a multi-tiered review process with varying reviewers per state, depending on the type of document/drawing and the expertise of the reviewer. On the data card we have added a tab with a list of states and a drop-down of reviewers for each state, this allows us to setup reviewers/editors for each state when we create the card. We also have a field on the card that will display who the current reviewer/editor is based on the current state. I'm trying to use dispatch to take information from the current reviewer field and send that person a notification e-mail, however it's having issues matching to a name. As variables: %Current Reviewer/Editor% as a file card variable and %Person’s Name% as a Value of Environmental Variable-UserProfile. I've tried other variables for the user name with no success (unless you count crashing PDM, hahaha). Here's my script:

      Scripting issue.JPG


      Any Ideas??



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          Tim Webb

          Are your email addresses being sent anything?


          Try adding:

          "IF ALWAYS THEN GOTO Terminator" at point A

          "IF ALWAYS THEN GOTO Terminator" at point B

          "IF ALWAYS THEN GOTO Terminator" at point C


          As shown in the attached image.Possible fix 1.jpg

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              Ty Toney

              Yes, emails have been sent in a manner. When I started I just had myself as a user name, I didn't have the "GOTO terminator" line or the "If !=" strings at that time. The notification msg came. I added another user w/ identical scripting, both of us got the mailing. I added the Goto terminator string after my notification and added the redirect from me to the second user. He got the mail and I didn't, he was the one selected on the data card to get the notification too. I thought it worked so I added all the rest of the 9 users, all with scripting identical to mine. I also thought that if a person was added to the user/reviewer list without getting added to the scripting I would need a reminder, so I added another msg saying "name not found" addressed to me. That's the only msg I get now. It's something in my If= and If!= statements causing the problem.