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Crimping steel eyelet

Question asked by Satish Potineni on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

I have a problem which I am not able to figure out the correct way of solving.

See attached picture. I am using 2D simplification. It is a circular assembly.


The component in violet color is the steel eyelet being crimped on a plastic (orange color). The purple color component on the bottom is pushing (2.5mm) into purple on the top to give it shape of the top purple. I have contacts between top purple and the eyelet as well.


I am doing non-linear using Force NR method. Left everything else the same in the properties. When I solved this problem, the solver is stopping right when it touches the top purple. I am not able to figure out how to bend this steel part. This is how the assembly process is in the plant. I am beginning to think that I am missing something.


Any help in this aspect is appreciated.