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Question about the Impeller turtorial

Question asked by Kehui Chen on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by David Knowles



I am a new to the flow simulation and I am trying to learn it according to the turtorial.  In the rotating impeller turtorial, one operation is 'Disable Measure item'


The operation as following


  1 Click Flow Simulation, Component Control

  2 Select the Measure item and click Disable

  3 Click OK to close the dialog


But I don't find the Component Control under Flow Simulation, where I can find it?





Another question is in the goal I am trying to insert the equation goal and I input


"{Pressure Drop}*{Inlet Volume Flow 1:Volume flow rate normal to face:3.000e-001}/209.44/ {Torque on Impeller}"

but it shows the equation is invaild, what I should do?

Thank you for the help!