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BOM Table keeps changing

Question asked by Ed Burris on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by Chuck Hall

I need help... again.  I've created a custom BOM table for assemblies to match our CAD standard, but I can't get its format to stay the way I want it.  There is one column, the "QTY." column that changes back every time I insert it.  I want the column width to be .750, and the column header to say "QTY." in Arial 8 point font.  All the other columns are acting as they should, but every time I insert the BOM Table, the qty column comes in at around 1.71 wide, and the heading says "up/QTY." in Century Gothic 12 poin.  I've changed it 4 times, saved it, even saved it as a different name, and EVERY TIME, it comes in wrong.  I've attached my .sldbomtbt file and a couple screen shots of what I want and what I get.  SW R2010, SP0.  I don't think my system specs are relevant, but if someone thinks that may be the problem, I'll look them up.  I've choked my computer 'till it looks like Papa Smurf, but I cannot get this thing to work.  Anyone?????  Thanx.