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How to set up Axisymmetrical Porous Media?

Question asked by dink dinkler on Sep 8, 2011

Hey all,


I am working a problem with a bunch of flow through a plenum/channeled configuration.

That said, I have modeled it on a individual basis, but will need to soon ramp up to a level that I need to see when I have a couple HUNDRED of these together.


So needless to say I need to simplfy things.

And since I already have the pressure drop across a certain travelled distance/volume, I want to make a representative model which is much less CPU intensive to upscale.


I am aiming to use a Axisymmetrical porous media, but can't seem to figure out how to set the damn thing up.

Since I have the test results for it, I am trying to use the Pressure drop, flow rate, dimensions model.


Where to start...

I think my first and biggest concern is...

What do the "length" and "area" pertain to?


My full computational domain? My cell size? A per unit size?


I'm a bit lost.

Please help.