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Solid Professor?

Question asked by Benjamin Walker on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2016 by Sergey Novikov

So far I've heard good things about Solid Professor, and the few sample videos I got to watch seemed pretty sweet. But I was wondering if anybody has taken the Solid Professor course and successfully passed the CSWP exam? I have very minimal Solid Works training/experience, but from what my boss says, it seems as though I'm doing pretty awesome. My machine tool instructor introduced me to Solid Works and gave me the InspireTech training videos. This was the first I had ever seen or heard of such a program. Two months later I'm taking the CSWA and pass with plenty of time to spare. A couple weeks after that I'm working at a medical OEM using SolidWorks every day.'s not enough for me! Now that I actually have a piece of a paper that I'm proud of, I want to move on up to the next level. Which kind of brings me to another question. Saying as how I'm at the young age of 24 and no college degree, (learned "manufacturing engineering" in trade school) would I be way out of my league trying to do the CSWP and eventually CSWE? I noticed they do evaluations and stuff. From what I've read Solid Professor doesn't have anything for the CSWE, but hey, first things first. Need Solid Works wisdom from the all knowing please.




Benjamin Walker

CSWA <---- that's right, I passed it. w00t