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    Equal Seqsegments-Spline/Circle

    Santhirasegaram Malavan

      Our customer needed to divide a sketch(Spline) in to equal seqsegments. How can it posible?

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          Santhirasegaram (am I saying that right )


          There are a few things that you can do to accomplish this but to get a more definitive answer, can you post to us what it looks like?  If you RMB (right mouse button) on the spline in the sketch you have a command to split the spline. If you set up some construction lines using sketch pattern, you can then quickly split the spline at the intersection of the construction lines and the spline. A workaround, but admittedly quirkly, would be to, outside of the sketch, use the Ref Point feature to evenly distribute points over the spline sketch, create a new sketch and convert entity on the previous sketch and then use the points to split the converted sketch.




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            Scott McFadden

            I know what you are talking about.  Something like the break command in ACAD

            where it divides segments equally.  If you look under the sketch toolbar there is a split command

            that breaks lines at the designated points.  Downside is you have to calculate the

            even spacing by possibly patterning points or intersecting lines.