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Updating Motion elements with a macro / VBA?

Question asked by Meade Spratley on Sep 7, 2011

Hello all,


I have a population of assemblies, all with the same named action/reaction forces with expression defined functions. 


I have been trying to figure out a macro or VBA code that will allow me to change the properties of each of these forces.  That is, I want to open an ACTION/REACTION FORCE, populate its function expression with my pre-written FORTRAN string from an excel spreadsheet, then save and exit.  Right now, this is a super-tedious copy-paste nightmare.


Because each of these assemblies has ~150 forces, I would ideally iterate this to search, copy, replace for each force in the assembly/spreadsheet, with a WHILE or loop command.


I have seen some VBA calls for FORCEs in Motion, but I'm not sure how to input/replace my FORTRAN text string into the expression dialog from there.



Thanks so much to all you gurus,