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8GB Ram Underutilised?

Question asked by Peter Darby on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by Anna Wood


I've been looking at the ram usage while running SW. The machine/software seems to be in active RAM abstinance - and wonder if the system or software is really recognising/utilising the available ram to full potential. There is the expectation the amount of waiting is not what should be happening during model/drawing rebuilds and also simulation runs.


I have a Dell M3400 workstation with 8GB of ram and a Q9300 2.5GHz quad processor running Win7 64bit, NVidia FX Quadro 1700. The install has recently been built from a clean install SW 2011 SP4.0.


The symptom - it seems to fluctuate between 3.5GB and 4.5GB regardless of small or large assemblies - FEA (using simulation) or not. I have been using the windows resource monitor to monitor memory usage (typ screen capture attached). I dont know if i'm looking at the right information; and if this is a common experience for other users.


Questions: what should I expect; how would I measure it (how do I interpret the windows Resource Monitor screen?) ; if its not right what would be the fix/es?


Thanks in advance


(if it really is on a RAM diet and learns to eat again maybe I'll get a 25% increase in performance?)