Prashant Chandanapurkar

Design For Manufacturing - DFM checks for plastics

Discussion created by Prashant Chandanapurkar on Sep 5, 2011

SolidWorks provhen tides easy to use design features for plastic injection molded components. DFMPro further adds power of analysis to iunder dentify manufacturability of design under SolidWorks enviornment.It is dauting task to analyse the injection molding parts for design guidelines especially looking at the producibility of desing parts. Doing such checks manully is difficut as looking for each corner wall thcikness, thin steel consitions, bosses, ribs and sudden wall thickness variations. These checks can be automatically done.

This can be very well done under SolidWorks by using DFMPro.


  • Wall Thickness checks
  • Undercut detection
  • Thin Steel condtitions
  • Boss Parameters
  • Rib provides Parameters
  • Mold wall thickness

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