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Question asked by Stuart Quinn on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by Stuart Quinn

I know this is a long shot but were looking for some help!


If requests like this aren't allowed here then admins feel free to remove!


Basically we are a small team of engineers who have designed and built a small pedal powered boat which will be used to pedal across the atlantic at the end of the year in order to raise £50,000 for charity!


All the info on this project can be found here: Ocean Pedal Challenge


We are looking for some help in rendering some of our designs in 3D and having them hosted on the website, displayed at shows etc


We have tried rendering a lot of our models ourselves but haven't got the skills nor the time needed to replicate the high quality designs that are capable


As our time is now fully taken up with work, training and finishing off the build we were wondering if anybody out there would like to have a go at rendering some designs for us?


In return we can provide advertising space on the boat for your name or company name and all the designs will be hosted on our website with links to the creators contact information/website etc if required


The challenge is for 5 world record and the potential advertising revenue will be huge during and after the challenge and i hope someone out there would be willing to do there bit for charity and help us out!


If not thanks for looking and please check out the website and follow our progress!


If anybody needs anymore info please get in touch!




Team OPC