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We LOOOOVE Mouse-Clicks!!

Question asked by Ed Burris on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Ed Burris

... waaaaay back in the day... (for us older folks, "once upon a time..."), a company called AutoDesk made a product called AutoCAD.  They sold this to a person named User.  The product worked well, though it did not DO a whole lot.  The company improved it over time, and both AutoDesk and User were happy.  Then, one day, an evil troll named Microsoft changed the ground upon which AutoCAD stood!  The change was monumental, and all involved agreed that Microsoft must be a genius.  One of the teeeeny, tiiiny changes was an extra "mousie-click" needed to do things that only one "mousie-click" had done before.... "AHA" thought AutoDesk (and its progeny, SolidWorks, et al...), we have discovered the secret of the troll's genuis... it's "mousie-clicks".  Every new release added "mousie-clicks" to every operation, until it took TEN "mousie-clicks" to so what one had done before.  And THAT is the reason in SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, and ALLLL the others, it takes an extra "mousie-click" to say "I'm done"... and an extra to say "Yes, I'm really done"... and ONE MORE to say "YES, DARNIT, I'M REALLY DONE!!!"... ) ... then you must click the green check-mark... twice... three times if you're replacing a component in an assembly...)