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    We LOOOOVE Mouse-Clicks!!

    Ed Burris

      ... waaaaay back in the day... (for us older folks, "once upon a time..."), a company called AutoDesk made a product called AutoCAD.  They sold this to a person named User.  The product worked well, though it did not DO a whole lot.  The company improved it over time, and both AutoDesk and User were happy.  Then, one day, an evil troll named Microsoft changed the ground upon which AutoCAD stood!  The change was monumental, and all involved agreed that Microsoft must be a genius.  One of the teeeeny, tiiiny changes was an extra "mousie-click" needed to do things that only one "mousie-click" had done before.... "AHA" thought AutoDesk (and its progeny, SolidWorks, et al...), we have discovered the secret of the troll's genuis... it's "mousie-clicks".  Every new release added "mousie-clicks" to every operation, until it took TEN "mousie-clicks" to so what one had done before.  And THAT is the reason in SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, and ALLLL the others, it takes an extra "mousie-click" to say "I'm done"... and an extra to say "Yes, I'm really done"... and ONE MORE to say "YES, DARNIT, I'M REALLY DONE!!!"... ) ... then you must click the green check-mark... twice... three times if you're replacing a component in an assembly...)

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          Walter Fetsch

          Reminds me of a beta testing session I had with Solidworks.  It went something like this:


          SW:  Now that the command has completed, you should see a box telling you that it has completed.  Just click OK to close it.


          Me:  Why do I have to click OK if it's already done?


          SW:  It's just to let you know that the command has completed.


          Me:  But I already know that the command has completed.  I wouldn't be able to continue if it hadn't completed.


          SW:  It's just to make it clear to the user that the command has completed.


          Me:  AGGGHH!!!


          SW:  So I think I'm hearing you say that you don't want to click OK?



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            John Layne

            There are two possible answers:-


            1/ SolidWorks is in cahoots with the makers of mice, the more they wear out the more they money SolidWorks gets.


            2/ SolidWorks is in cahoots with surgeons that perform operations on people with Repetitive strain injury.



            Suggest we make a list of all the comands with unnecessary clicks, then bribe someone at SolidWorks to fix the madness. Or pay a programer to create an addin to SolidWorks to fix the madness.

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              John Summers

              ...and then there is the ones that say "Don't ask me again".  Check the box, close SolidWorks, reopen, duplicate action and the same dialog pops up again (and again and again)... 



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                  Ryan Laplante

                  take converting lines in 2004 to 2008  you go around selecting lines and hitting the hotkey, as soon as its converted you could move on, remember when it was easy?


                  Now it opens up a dialog that has to be closed and you have to either select all the lines ahead of time or do them one by one?


                  More clicky


                  A particular point of contention comes from those users who have a shortcut keystroke convertentitiesassigned to Convert Entities.  In such cases, the user only has to select their entities and then type one keystroke to convert them to the sketch.  This is very easy and fast.  The new dialog box in the PropertyManager drastically slows this process by requiring additional input from the user to dismiss the Convert Entities tool.


                  For us experienced users, there is a solution.  The Convert Entities PropertyManager has a pushpin.  With the Convert Entities PropertyManager open, simply click on the pushpin and then OK.  This will allow Convert Entities to be in ”expert mode”.  In other words, the tool will work the same as it did in SolidWorks 2009 and previous.   This task has to be repeated each time the user starts a new SolidWorks session.



                  Text taken from - http://www.fcsuper.com/swblog/?p=1330




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                      Ed Burris

                      aaarrrggghhhhh!!!  Ryan, you said that OUT LOUD!!!  Now, in the next release, SolidWorks will change it so you can no longer do that task without using the dialog!!  And... just to punish you, they'll put in an extra "green check mark" that you'll have to click.

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                        Jim Wilkinson

                        Hi Ryan,

                        Since according to your profile you are using SolidWorks 2010, I wanted to let you know this problem was fixed back in SolidWorks 2011 SP01. The push pin state is default to unpinned and the push pin state is remembered across sessions. So, if you preselect entities, you get the same behavior as was there previous to SolidWorks 2010 and if you don't preselect entities, instead of an annoying message that tells you that you have to select entities before using the command, it simply allows you to select the entites you want to convert and you hit OK to accept and convert them. The intention was of all of this was to get rid of one of those annoying messages that the only choice is to hit OK. We just didn't hit the nail on the head with the push pin in the initial implementation.



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                      Chris Challinor

                      If they reduce the amount of times we have to clicky click, the code will get smaller.........smaller download would mean less value for money. So keep it bloated with "extra value" stuff like the extra clicks, and you have a bigger file to download, fools us users into thinking there is a lot more stuff in the software that adds value.

                      Side bonus, more clicking noise at work makes the boss think your working hard.......long live the extra clicks and other useless stuff!!!!