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Reversing Mates

Question asked by Ed Burris on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

Here's a behavior pattern I'd REALLY like to be able to stop.  Many times, when I apply a mate, or especially if I try to "repair" a mate, SolidWorks will "reverse" a bunch of mates to satisfy a conflict.  I've had instances where it would want to reverse several mates to satisfy a conflict, sometimes giving me a list so long it fills the screen!!.  It's baffling for several reasons, 1) WHY does it reverse mates that are already there to satisfy the NEW one... it would make more sense to reverse the new one and leave the existing ones alone; 2) In the case here (see attached), how is a "concentric" mate "backwards"?; 3) WHY, OH WHY, does it not give an option to say "NO!! I DON'T WANT YOU TO BLOW MY MODEL AWAY?  The only option given is "OK" (fortunately, "escape" key will cancel it... please don't tell SW that... they'll change it...).  This may have been fixed in newer versions (running SW R2010).  Is there a way to turn if "off"?  If not, how do you all get around it?  Thanx.