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Not able to upgrade database on SQL Server 2008R2 CTP 3

Question asked by Martin D. Staffenski F on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by Martin D. Staffenski F


For testing, I want to use the Community Technology Preview (SP1) of the 2008R2 SQL Server (DENALI).

The database upgrade tool \upgrade\upgrade.exe is not able to detect the right database version, so it gets an error:

"You want to connect to a SQL Server 0. Only SQL Server 2005 and above were supported!"


Are there alternative ways to upgrade the database, so I can test them into above described environment?


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OS: WIN7 x64

SQL Server: MS SQL Server 2008R2 CTP3 (DENALI)

EPDM: 2012 Beta 2