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    Installation issue

    William Gillcrist

      When istalling Solidworks, at around 5% complete, it stops and says it can't read from the Z: drive. I've tried cleaning registry from previous attempts, copying the disk to the Z: drive and installing from there, nothing is working. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Ajay Dhiman

          Is z drive is your DVD..

          or you copying data there in runing for installation .


          If you are copying data then please check the permission there in drive.



          if you installing from dvd then please make sure your dvd is not corrupted try another dvd if you have .





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              William Gillcrist

              I am installing from a DVD. i tried a different version from an image file off my hard drive. both reacted the same. at first, i had not setup the Z: drive. but i have a 2TB external hard drive that i made my network drive. so i named it the Z: drive. still same problem. there is still 1.5TB left on this drive so space isn't the issue. i was able to install the 64 bit version on my laptop, but i cant get the 32 bit version to install on my desktop computer!

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              Scott McFadden


              Try copying the complete SW DVD contents to a drive that

              has enough capacity and then try installing from there.

              What I suspect is this "Z:" drive because during the it wants to

              download files from the SW site it is probably running out of space.