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To promote or Dissolve

Question asked by Kyle McDermot on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2011 by Gerhard Bamann

When dealing with an assembly BOM one has two options for essentailly ignoring the assembly file in the BOM and strictly show the sub-components of the assembly.  The first method is to do a promote from withing the assembly configuration properties.  This will force SW BOM's to ignore the Assembly file and strictly show the sub-compnents as if they existed as top level items.


The second way to accomplish this is to place an indented BOM on the drawing and to dissolve the asembly entry in the BOM thus "promoting" the assembly sub-items up one level.


My question is this: From a performance standpoint as well as a overall preference stand-point, which is the better path to go down for accomplishing this?  Or is this one of those cases where it is up to personal preference?


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