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Disappearing appearances/materials

Question asked by Joseph Lillibridge on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2017 by Francisco Martínez

Good Morning SW community,


I am having issues with a custom material on a part (SW2011/x64/SP2.0).  The material is applied to an offset surface feature and is one of many other materials, however it is the only custom material.  Here are the issues:


1.  The material is visible at the part level and assembly level, however it is not visible at the drawing level on an isometric (shaded) view.

2.  In order to get it to appear on the iso view, I have to edit the material back at the part level (that's all, just click 'edit' and then close out) and then switch over to the drawing and the material will be there.  If I rebuild, it will disappear.  However, when I do click 'edit' and then 'Ok', my system just sits there doing nothing for like 2-3 minutes before it releases control back to me.


Jpegs attached to show what I am seeing real-time.  So every time I need to print a PDF snapshot of my drawing, I have to go through this process of "waking up" the material and then being ever-so-careful not to bump anything so the appearance does not disappear.  (That's some of my frustration coming through...)


Has anybody seen this before?  Any suggestions?  I am sure there are questions to come and I look forward to everyone's input.


Joe Lillibridge