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Sheet size A1 (ISO) in vertical/portrait appears as "custom" dimension

Question asked by Eduard Bardaji on Sep 1, 2011
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Hi all,


I am creating a new sheet format and I am using sheet size A1. Also, I have included in the sheet format the linked property $PRP:"SW-Sheet Format Size(Sheet Format Size)" in one of the document's corner. I had no problem when I created a horizontal/landscape version (dimensions: 841 x 594), however, when I create a vertical/portrait version I must do so by filling out the custom size option text box, since there is no selectable default vertical/portrait template for this size. As a result, the linked property displays the world "custom" instead of the size, A1. How can I create a vertical/portrait version of this size that links to the size?






Is it therefore improper/not standard to use the size I am trying to create?