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Relate sketches

Question asked by Marshall Long on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2011 by Mauricio Martinez-Saez

Hey guys,


Im trying to work my way through Design tables and to do that I need to know how to "relate" sketch entities. I have the files mauricio put together to do this.




Mauricio Martinez-SaezMVP



If the part have any mates and you suppress the part the mates need to be suppressed also... therefore any part that need to be suppresed can not have any mates... now how you position a part without mates?


Easy... you have a "referecial geometry sketch" at the assembly level where the part will reside... then you have a "positioning geometry sketch" on the part... then you "relate" entities on the "positioning geometry sketch" to the entities on the "referencial geometry sketch"....


You see at the end the solution is allways Top-Down structure....


In our models we only use "mates" when there is no other solution at all... We do not like mates... we love sketches and relations and in-place mates (the only one we use)... we learn to work with CAD before mates where invented...




exactly how do i do this?

attached is the drawing he is talking about

which is from this thread