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i have a  big problem with motion!!! SOS.....

Question asked by Klod Nasri on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2011 by Er Li



when I run COSMOSMotion, an error message appears suddenly.

here it is:


" --- Simule Assemblage2 en samedi 27 août 2011 01:45:19, Frames: 500, Temps: 3 ---

At time 1.520527116E-06 the integrator is unable to proceed. Possible Causes:

(1) The accuracy required for the numerical solution can not be attained.

Relax (increase) the value of the acceptable integration ERROR.

(2) Incompatible redundant constraints, a lock up, or a bifurcation

situation. The latter two indicate a mechanism design problem.

(3) The system includes a zero (or relatively small) mass on a part with

an unconstrained translational degree of freedom.

Make sure you have mass on all parts with translational degrees of freedom.

(4) The system includes a zero (or relatively small) inertia on a part

with an unconstrained rotational degree of freedom.

Make sure you have inertias on all parts with rotational degrees of freedom.

(5) An ADAMS element has a function expression that equals exactly itself.

For example,





equals itself at 1 second. Avoid setting an ADAMS element equal to itself.





--- Simulation terminée dans samedi 27 août 2011 01:45:20 --- "




I did everything in the rules of art: I have well defined materials,geometry (no interference), the Liasons / constraints, I have verifiedthat there is no conflicts between them ....... etc.

i dont understand reason of this message so!!!


a big thank you to those who help me.