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Multiple Coverings on a single route in Electrical Module

Question asked by Mitchell Kadel on Sep 1, 2011

I am currently working on an electrical harness, and have everything looking the way I want aside from the Electrical BOM. For the current harness I have a single Route, with 2 branches. After each branch I want to Change Covering types from, for instance, .625 Convoluted split Loom to , .375 then to electrical tape. Through the coverings portion this works flawlessly, but the second you apply partnumber (from routing) the part number, and descriptions for all types of covering retain the same information. Due to the way our company inventories all these items, and we need to use up stock I need each variation of the Loom to have its own unique part # and description in the BOM.


Is this possible, its possible for the wire (portion) just seems not be reflected in the Covering portion.