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Export DXF as vectors?

Question asked by Daniel A on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2011 by Chris Atkin

I have some Electronics enclosures that have been designed in Solidworks. The artwork (just some lines and text, nothing complicated) has also been designed in Solidworks in order to align it correctly with the part. I have exported the face/view of the part containing the artwork as a DXF. When I gave the DXF file to the company who will be printing the artwork they said it opens up in a raster format not vector. They need the artwork in a vector format. Is there a way I can export the DXF in vector format?


Currently the way I was producing the DXF was to do the sketch of the artwork on the face where I want it, then extrude the sketch by 0.1mm. I then view as wireframe and export to DXF from that view. I have also tried exporting the DXF from a solidworks drawing of the part. Would it be better not to extrude the artwork and just export the DXF from the sketch? Are there any specific export options that should be set? Also I see there are several versions of DXF formats that can be exported and I have no idea what the differences are.


Ideally the printing company would like EPS files but solidworks cannot export that format.