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Dell Precision T7500 workstation 4 or 6 Cores

Question asked by Adam Raff on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by Charles Culp

Good Day,


I am looking to configure a new system for one of my users and I would like some advise from those who have been using Soldworks for some time.


I am looking to purchase a new desktop running windows 7 64bit the system will have 6 gig of ram with a Quad Core Xeon E5607 running at 2.26G
Hz.  The Video Card will be 1GB Quadro 2000


We do a lot of Rendering and I know that for that it is Cores (the more the better) and memory.


For an extra grand I can get 6 Cores  Xeon X5660 2.80GHz but my concern is the following.  Are those two Cores that I am spending a grand on worth it?  Will it aid the user or will he really not even know it.  Granted it is subjective and his old system is already a Intel Core 2 quad core Q9550 2.83GHz


Granted the Xeon is much more robust then a Core 2 system.


Am I better spending that grand on more memory or keep the 6 core system?  Is that the best bang for my buck.  He renders some heavy stuff I feel.


thanks for the help on this

Adam Raff