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Assemblies, hole series, hole wizards and speed

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by Doug Seibel

I have an assembly (the largest I have done) with 163 components and it is getting quite slow. I am using 2009 SP0 and am considering upgrade to i7 and 2011. I know first of all that the i7 will be faster just because it is a much faster processor than what I am using. My question is not about that.


I notice that although I have two cores SW is only using one of these cores when I do a hole wizard or hole series. Does 2011 use multicores when doing these commands?


I have built may assembly and now at the end I am creating hole series to put the whole thing together. Hole series take a long time and really add to the rebuild time. The back part typically has a 1/4-20 blind thread and the front has a 1/4" binding head screw. Is there a faster way? It seems like my system is getting so sluggish I can go for lunch before it rebuilds.


Binding screw.jpg