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Unable to use the "Point goals" in Flow Simulation

Question asked by Legt Chevrollier on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by Legt Chevrollier

I am trying to set some number of Goal points in the Flow Simulation, so that I can get Velocities for each of these points.

But for some reason, I can not do this.


When I try to set them in the "Reference points" mode, I am getting the following message:


"Cannot find vertex associated with this point goal."





Not to mention that it took my 4 hours of just clicking (around 5000 points) and selecting the points.





Then I tried to set the points, in the "Point Coordinates" mode, but again, I could not do this, because I am getting an error message:


"Please specify only solid parameters for this point"


What seems to be wrong? I can set up the points on solids (solid edges) with no problem, but I can not use the points in the air? Why not?