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Family Mold Tooling and BOM

Question asked by Mark Horne on Aug 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by Mark Horne

I have been tasked with cleaning up about 12 years worth of Models, Parts, Assemblies and Drawings used for multiple family mold tooling.


First goal:  I need to generate a new assembly of mold components for a new part.  When I try to place a BOM on the assembly sheet a error message says there already is a BOM and it needs to be deleted before I can create a new one. Selecting the BOM in the tree and R/C or pressing delete does nothing. This is happening on a new sheet from a blank drawing template.  One of the assemblies is being use by 3 other molds and I suspect there may be a conflict because of another BOM existing for that assembly.  Not sure.  Any ideas??



Second goal:  It has been asked that a copy of specific family tooling component drawings be placed into a single folder for quicker searches.  Currently the individual components are on Sub Sheets within the main mold assembly drawings and require a lot of digging to find specific components for new configurations.  Is it possible to copy each sub sheet to another folder and link it so if one changes they both change??  Or is there another work around??


Has anyone else suffered through a similar job of cleaning up "Family Tooling" and can offer some good advice???



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