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    Rearranging Goals?

    dink dinkler

      So I have built a full flow simulation model and now I am about to do many MANY iterations of it.

      And of course I will be generating Excel Goals Plots.


      All that is hunky dory.


      Here is the problem...

      I've got all kinds of goals of different types, some similar.

      Some entry and exit conditions of the same fluid, etc etc.


      But I want them to be adjacent to eachother in the goals plot.

      Is there any way to do this outside of post-processing re-work within Excel?

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          Legt Chevrollier

          Dink I think the result you see in the Solidworks, and in the excel differ a little bit.

          I did a Point Parameters calculations, and in Solidworks, all data was set in one table. When I exported it into the excel, there were few tables, ones for the points on the solids, others for the points in the air, the third ones were separated because air velocity was 0.


          So try exporting it to excel and then see it, maybe it will differ from the Solidworks preview.


          Just my two cents on the subject. Do not take it seriously, as I am still a beginner.