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Question asked by Cory Klockenga on Aug 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by Don Lyons

After checking out parts from PDM in to my sw-working folder on my c: drive it seemed not to be the correct part do to changes i know i made not being there. When i check the references the part displayed is referenced to a part of the same name saved on a network file. This network K: drive file is left over from development of the part before it was checked in to the PDM vault. The part exists in the vault and is listed in my local sw-working folder but the references say it is pulling from this other file. If the part exists in the PDM vault and copies that part into my sw-working folder, why when PDM opens it would it be pulling from this other folder. I always have to check before working on a part or assembly that its referenced to my sw-working folder and not somewhere else. Now as an experiment I deleated the K:drive file and when opening the part again it pulled this time from my sw-working file as it should. Can no other copies of a file exist if PDM has it in its vault.