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Desktop Hardware - Lenovo vs Dell

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Aug 29, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by Scott Baugh

I posted to this forum back in the middle of the summer on Dan's post about Laptops. At the time we were not testing out Laptops, instead we were testing out desktops. The New C20 line from Lenovo, versus our 1-2 year old Dell T7500. I know that T7500 is not any different than the T5500, other than it can store a lot HDD's in the tower, than I can in the T5500, outside of that there is no hardware difference, other than what you order.


I finally put together my findings between the 2 machines. I was not the only one to test this machine out and compare it to the Dell machine. What all 3 of us found was that the Dell almost always out did the C20. When I reviewed the CPU per the link that Charles posted back in Dan's original thread the CPU in the Lenovo was about 3x the cost and speed was higher than the Dell. Another factor that was in the Lenovo's favor is it didn't have all the crap our IMS puts on our machines. Like Anti-Virus, Lotus notes... all the stuff we run everyday on our machines, which takes memory away from Solidworks.


The hardware list is in the Attached Spread sheet so you can review the hardware between the C20 and the T7500. I added questions to the spread sheet for each of the testers to try out and and answer per their job function. You can review their answers.

Here are the images from that thread:




C20 CPU.jpg


T7500 CPU.jpg


I think this is important for users to know. Also if your considering a Desktop from Lenovo, I would highly recommend that you test drive one before making a purchase. There is no reason for us to buy one of these desktops today, because our Dell's are still superior to the Lenovo Brand from what we can tell.


If anyone has any idea why the Dell done better or ran even with the New C20 I would be glad to hear your thoughts. Lenovo, has yet to comment to me about out findings.


I did use Anna's Benchmarks as well to compare these machines as well... thanks Anna for posting those benchmarks, they were very helpful.

I hope this helps some of you.


Best Regards,

Scott Baugh, CSWP