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    simulation report

    Tom Van Houtte

      i have office (word, ...) installed, but the simulation report won't make one, because he doidn't find any installation of Word?!

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          Kevin Corr

          Once I realized how little I need to depend on MS Word for reports I was relieved. Getting microsoft to activate a serial number of office is madness. Here's how to make the report without word:

          1. publish it in html
          2. internet browser->log in(or create an account then log in) to gmail.
          3. click documents to get into the google docs interface
          4. click the upload icon at the left corner
          5. browse to then upload the file made in step 1
          6. click it in the file list to open it
          7. in that view, word processing icons exist...most frequently used one is the insert image icon to include screen captures.
          8. it works like any other google doc such as that it auto saves in pseudo real time, the facility with sharing, etc.
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            Dave Laban

            Which version of SW and Word are you using?  SW doesn't support Office 2003 from SW11 onwards; http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/SystemRequirements.html - could this be the issue?



            Oh and Office > Google Docs.  But that's a whole other argument discussion.