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Question asked by William Dalpe on Aug 27, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by Ganesh Moorthi

I need help! I have designed a gripping mechanism that simply grips a part that is under a gravitational load. I need to demonstrate the gripping in Simulation. I have a "part" that I will apply gravity to then I want to simluate a gripper from each side to engage the part to prevent it from falling as to see what force I need. My dream would be to be able to change the "force" value of the grippers for denonstration purposes.


I tried using linear motors on the grippers but that didn't work at all for me. The grippers just passed thru the part I was trying to grip. I realize that this is probably Simulation 101 so any help would be appreciated. Now, I have made calculations on all this and I know what I need but I need to present this in Simulation...that's my hang up.  Are there tutorials on gripping?