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32 or 64 Bit

Question asked by Jim Lowery on Aug 27, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2011 by Nadia Shea

Ram...  A good description for running into a wall...     and crashing.     Years ago I customized the sound settings on my computer.  When a program shuts down due to an error it makes the sound of screeching tires and metal crunching into a wall.  Back when I set it up, I thought it was funny.  Once a week or so the screeching sound would come to life and I knew some software had died.  Lately the squealing of tires has been happening so often, my boss put a crash helmet on my desk.  It was clearly time for a hardware upgrade.  Last week we made the switch to 64 bit with 12GB ram in each of our engineering computers.  Gone are the screeching tires and twisted metal (I'm gonna miss you guys).  SolidWorks is very stable and my productivity is back up where it should be.  If your company hasn't upgraded hardware in a while you might think about moving to 64 bit.