Surface Finishes

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 17, 2006
In 2007 has the "Surface Finish; From File" option be updated to allow using images that are rectangles instead of squares and able to be placed much like dacals are? I want to be able to use model units to be able to size a texture rather than the obscure "scale" which seems to base it's size on one dimension of a face? I want to be able to control how the image is mapped to the model and change the direction of a say a brush texture between one face and another and not have to guess what to scale the texture to.

An example is having a rectangular block that wants a brush finish along the length, but the ends want to wrap parallel to the floor. The default for a brush texture (where the source file has the grain running across the image) is to have the grain on the end of the block run perpendicular to the floor; the grain is wrapping along the length and down the ends. In 2006 anyway, you have to rotate the source file and save it as another image file and then make a new shader and apply it to the end faces, but the scale and amplitude settings are completely different than the settings for the part as a whole.