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    How do I put EPDM State and Version onto drawings?

    Bob McCowan

      I would l ike to be able to place the state (e.g. released/work in progress) and version information on the drawing via linked properties.  This way a static drawing (pdf or print) can always be traced back to the specific vault version.  How do I do this?  If this is already in the help or forum, just point me to the location.




      Bob McCowan

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          Brian Dalton

          You should be able to have the SW drawing file reflect these values by setting variables and including linked notes on the drawing itself.  With PDFs it's probably not possible (I don't think EPDM supports linking to properties in PDF files).


          The basic strategy would be to create variables for Version and State and map them to custom properties in the SLDDWG file.  Then insert Annotation Notes in the SLDDWG file and link those to the same custom properties.  Now whenever the value is set for the variable it should be reflected on the drawing via the linked notes.


          Now, you need to include text controls on the file card for the SLDDWG file that are set to read the variables (one for Version and one for State).  This allows each individual SLDDWG file to have its own instance of the variable.


          Finally, in the workflow transition leading to the state you want to be reflected on the drawing, add an action of type Set Variable and use it to set the variables to the built-in values you require (in this case probably Destination State and Version).


          That's an overview of what should be necessary.  I haven't done this myself and it may take some tweaking, but if you consult the Admin Guide you should be able to work out the details for your specific situation.