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Recovery from Drive Failure

Question asked by Jeff Oyog on Aug 23, 2011
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I recently had a drive fail and need some help getting SW up and running again.  We are a small company and we end up having to do most of out computer mainenance.  Anyhow our off site support fixed my hardware by installing two drives in a RAID 5 (I think it is RAID 5)configuration.  I had a single drive in my previous system.  All of our SW files were stored on my drive and one of the other engineers(there are only two of us who use SW) had access via the LAN to the CAD fles.  After the tech got my Windows 7 system up I installed SW2011 SP4 X64.  I had to do some work in PhotoView and did not like the new photo view so I downloaded and installed SW2010 sp5 x64 to use the stand alone PV, which I was familiar with.  (Why did they change this?)  This did not work since the part I needed to work on was converted to 2011 prior to my HD crash so I uninstalled SW2010 via windows.


Here is the problem I am having.  I have a folder, called mock up, where I create new designs.  In this folder I pull from other parts folders to create assemblies. Since my install when I open an assembly from the mock up not all the parts show up and/or I have mate errors on assemblies that were fine in my pre crash install of SW.  When I save files all the parts in the assembly are saved in the mock up folder even though the original is located in another folder outside of the mock up folder.  The save parts get a _1 behind the part name.  If I save the assembly again the part gets a _1_1 behind the file name.  I have contacted my VAR and we were not able to resolve the problem.  My next course of action was to fully un-install SW and clean the registry.  Then I would install SW 2011 and somehow restore the files from a backup.


Would this be the best course of action?  How would I install the back up files and still maintain the parametric relationships in SW?  Is this automatic?  Would PDM have helped in this situation?


Any help is greatly appreciated.  I have been reluctant to do any work in SW and save it for fear of causing more problems.