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EPDM: How to replace a file with another version while in SolidWorks Session

Question asked by Kent Keller on Aug 23, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2011 by Kent Keller

I am working on code that will need to get a different version of a Solidworks file while that file is in the SolidWorks session.


This can be done in the EPDM Solidworks interface, but I'm unable to do it from EPDM API.  Sharing violation occurs.



thisEPDMFile As IEdmFile5 = EPDMVault.GetFileFromPath(strTopModel)

iVersion = 3

thisEPDMFile.GetFileCopy(0, iVersion) 'This won't work because of sharing.


I thought of suppressing the part in question or replacing it with a temp file or something, but have a strong feeling there is a much easier way.


Any ideas?


Kent Keller

Software Applications Engineer

Westport Shipyard Inc.