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Changes not saving in data card

Question asked by Kyle Von Koepping on Aug 23, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by Kyle Von Koepping

Hello all,


I'm having an issue that seems to be isolated to a variable on a single data card, EPDM 2010 SP4.


A user will check out the file, edit one certain value -- the field is a drop down list where the variable (called "Author") is set to the list of users in the vault (i.e. "User List (Login name)" ). The problem is that the choice is not saved when the file is checked back in, and it reverts back to the username it was before being checked out. If a different variable is used for the dropdown (say, one called "Color", "Title", etc.), the changes save upon checkin.


The "Author" variable is not set as read only, and the "Default Value Overwrites" box is unchecked. It also doesn't happen for the same "Author" variable for a different data card. No control logic is set for the card. It produces the same results regardless of field type the variable's attached to (Editbox, combobox dropdown, combobox droplist, combobox simple, list). It can be set to different usernames upon original file creation on the template card, but after a value is chosen and the file is saved, it can't be changed again. Also, happens regardless of user.


I've tried to rule out as many things as possible.....Any ideas? I've been looking around and testing just about everything I can think of, and I'm pretty stumped as to why it's just happening for this variable.



Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!