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The future of HP workstations and PCs

Question asked by Lucas Dexter on Aug 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by Jim Zink

With the announcement of HP selling off their PC division many of us are already scrambling trying to come up with a future workstation plan.  We are an HP shop and are very satisfied with theor the HP PC/workstation provides.  Before jumping the gun and canceling our HP workstation order for all new workstations I would like to get some feedback from other companies in the same boat.  What are alternative options out there that are comparable to HP and does SolidWorks support these platforms?  Is SolidWorks going to partner with whoever buys the HP PC division?  Will SolidWorks suggest any alternatives to the HP workstation?  Why are Dells so heavy and ugly?


Your feedback is much appreciated.



Lucas Dexter