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How to best simulate an electronic component (flow rate and heat load known) within a forced air rack?

Question asked by Jonathan Bechtel on Aug 21, 2011



I need advice as to how best to model rack mounted equipment within an electronic rack.  Is there another way to simulate this component?  Can you use a fluid domain?  Or a porous medium?  If I use a porous medium how do I separate the heated zone from impacting the surrounding air in the transverse direction?



This is the method I use.




1.  Physical dimensions of the equipment.

2.  Maximum Heat Dissipation (static variable)

3.  Maximum Air Flow (static variable)




1.  To have the exhaust air temperature adapt to changing inlet air temperatures.

2.  To maintain a reasonable pressure drop through the device



Implementation of knowns,


1.   Rectangular black box with cut features and surfaces to apply BCs at the air inlets and exhausts.

2.   Fluid Subdomain downstream of the internal fan that is assigned a volumetric heat load.

3.   Internal fan with a  P vs Q table where the flow rate is maintained at the correct CFM regardless of the pressure at the inlet.



My concerns....


1.    Pressure loss through the component?

2.    An inefficient approach in terms of time in modeling, use of elements, and drag on solution time.





Jon B